I know that a part of this assignment is to compare who we are online to who we are in real life. When I look at my content online v. my real life views there are not as many differences as one might think. The things you would say I enjoy and care about are about the same. The biggest difference , to me, is I feel I seem more confident in my online persona than I often feel in real life.

In this presentation you can see that I like gnomes, I am tagged in pictures of my goddaughter quite a lot, and have a lot of photos of friends and loved ones.  Books are a thing I really  like a lot, and I care a lot about equal and fair treatment for everyone. I am a bit of a nerd sometimes and I also really like to cook. I love my pets, both the furry and the shelled variety and I keep my friends around for a long time.  Goofy hats are a thing as well, though not as many are in recent pictures and posts as I thought there would be.A few of my paintings and a lot of my photographs  are online . I do use Flickr and I feel the subject matter I post probably gives a certain idea of me as well.