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Considering the amount of time I have been using the internet I have a reasonably small digital footprint. I have always been somewhat conscious of the content I have shared online so there is not much to haunt me when it comes to future employers etc. There are a lot of social sites that various friends asked me to join that I never really used.  The only awkward thing that came up was an entry for an adult film actress that has my name on IMDB. Well there is a one letter spelling difference.  I would hope it is pretty clear that is not me without taking any extra efforts to distance myself from it. Here are links to the profiles that were me. ( I had a little trouble getting the links to attach like wanted.)



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Blog Assignment 2

Below you will find a list of web based applications that may be of  interest to those who enjoy the media arts.  Some are going to be better than others or more well suited to different styles, but all should be fun to have a look at.

  1. Algolux Virtual Lens and Virtual IS  This is a virtual software that is designed to improve photos taken with smartphones and tablets. The comparison photos featured here are pretty impressive.
  2. Steam is one of my most loved cloud based services. Though it isn’t creating media it does give access to a lot of content at a great price as well as offering options for media creation software.
  3. Jam with Chrome is a Chrome browser only web app for making music.
  4. Last.Fm is a competitor of Pandora. It allows you to make stations and such similar to the other service.
  5. This Life is a service that allows you to store up to 1,ooo images for free. They also have some image enhancing abilities.
  6. FotoFlexer  offers basic photo editing as well as more advanced stuff like animations.
  7. LunaPic is another source for free photo animations, they don’t even require a sign up.
  8. allows you 10gb of free video storage and steaming abilities for user created content.
  9. WeVideo allows you to drag and drop video files for editing. Lite version is free and allows you to 15min of video a month.
  10. IMGFlip is a free web app designed to allow you to create GIFs.