Bio or a brief history of Loreli Adams MED 130

It was a hot night on July 11, 1980 when I entered the world right here in Springfield, Missouri.  I would spend the first  eleven years of my life as a nomad traveling Oklahoma  with my father’s work as  an arborist before returning to the small town of Ava, Missouri  where I spent the remainder of my childhood.

I first became interested in media production around the age of fourteen. I had become a huge fan of Irish band, U2 and their elaborate stage concepts in the 1990s. This is when I started wanting to know how things were done and what made it work. This carried over to other forms of performance and  media that I enjoyed.

In 2001 and I had my first opportunity to become involved in production as a volunteer at James River Assembly in Ozark, Missouri.  I spent five years there and had the privilege of learning from talented mentors like Jeff Nene and Frank Gamble among others.  I also have had some wonderful work experiences with some of the local production companies here in the South West Missouri are.

I participated in the first annual SATO48 film competition in 2006 with an entry entitled “Bridge of Solace”.   After which I had to take a break from school and production.

In summer of 2013 I started at Missouri State University on a 2.5 year plan to finish my degree in Mass Media  Production .